Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Hogwarts Girls!

I had some time over the weekend to get all four of my Harry Potter-themed dolls photographed as a group.  They were a well-behaved bunch for the most part, although Hermione has a bit of trouble looking straight at the camera and Luna is about three shades paler than the rest of the girls, which really confused my settings!  Here they are:

My Twinn Hogwarts dolls.
Prices reflect the cost of materials.  Please see my Pricing page for more detail.  All prices include Priority Mail shipping with insurance.  Information about each doll can be found in great detail in their specific blog entries (linked to each doll's name). 

I started by photographing the two Ravenclaw girls together:

These two represent my most successful (Luna) and my least successful (Cho) character makeovers:

Luna was a beautiful doll to start with, and now she has a pair of gorgeous glass eyes, a super-long wig, and a dramatic full Hogwarts uniform to make her even more special.  

I only wish, as Nikki said, that she had radish earrings! ;D

Luna will come with everything in the pictures, and also the extra grey vest that Carole included with the original outfit.  Her price is $275.  Luna has sold.  Thank you!

Cho, in contrast, was recruited at the last minute after my Pearl re-pour head cracked.  She is not a Denver doll, doesn't have the Asian look I was hoping for, and her wig--while soft and silky--is a bit funny in the bang area.  However, the Teresa face is rare (especially in this skin tone) and Lauscha glass eyes add extra sparkle to her happy face:

Cho will come with the basic Hogwarts outfit.  She will also have an extra plain grey vest.  Her price is $145.  Cho has sold!  Thank you.

Next, here are the two Gryffindor girls:

I think these two go really well together.  They have similar complexions and lots of freckles!

Hermione is my personal favorite from this whole group.  The Denika face is so cute, and I like the added character of this Dollmore wig.

Hermione will come with the full Hogwarts outfit plus her wand and the plain grey vest.  Her price is $215.  Hermione has sold.  Ten points for Gryffindor!

I always love making redheaded dolls, and Ginny was no exception!  I'm also a big fan of the Danielle face mold, and feel like these are getting harder to find.

Ginny comes with the basic Hogwarts outfit plus the plain grey vest.  In addition, I can't decide which sweater vest is better, the one I knit for Ginny or the one I originally knit for Hermione (which has since been replaced).  Ginny will come with both sweaters and her new owner can decide!  Her price is $155.  Ginny has sold.  Thank you!

For fun, I photographed the two un-robed girls together:

And here are Hermione and Luna together:

The four dolls will be for sale on Etsy starting this coming Sunday (May 3rd) starting at 6:00pm EST.  I will post their sale links here once the listings are active.

Thank you so much for sharing this project with me!


  1. You've truly done a great job, Emily! I really love seeing all your work! I think Ginny might be my favorite of this group :) - Rebecca

    1. Thank you, Rebecca! I'm so glad you can comment!

  2. Gotta say, they're all great, but Hermione really steals the show. She looks just like Hermione does in my mind, and she's just... so cute. I think it's the big chunky eyebrows, and that hint of a smile. I want to smile every time I look at her!

    What a wonderful collection. I really enjoy these themed makeovers - the season fairies, and now these guys. Can't wait to see what you'll come up with next!

    Also, another totally tangential side note, but in my boredom I decided to go back and reread all of Toybox Philosopher (just in case I missed some posts before), and it's made me quite curious about which parts of your doll collection you kept and which ended up getting culled. I also think it's so interesting how you started out with baby dolls, then moved into super expensive high-end fashion dolls, then into play dolls, and finally ended up at My Twinn. (Also Tonner apparently went out of business?!) I'm just wondering if Cinderella and Liv got to stay on your shelves (I'm guessing yes), or Lorifina, or Eleanor (was that her name?) the Carpatina redhead, or the Pullips.... Anyhow I know I've asked before, but someday you should give us a tour of your collection. Even back in the TBP days I was always curious what all you had, since occasionally you'd pull out someone we'd never seen - made me think you had this Cave of Wonder style vault of rare and beautiful dolls that you would just occasionally dip into to tease us small-time collectors living vicariously through you. XD

    Which, incidentally, I actually bought myself a Karito Kid (Pita) after reading your review, and some of the Collector's Lane mini dolls. And avoided some other brands based on what you showed. So it was actually quite helpful as well as just being fun to read and look at. Figured I might as well thank you officially. XD

  3. Hi lurkins, Hermione is my favorite, too! Thank you for your nice comments about the collection. These themed groups are really fun for me, although after doing a collection I'm always ready to do a few non-themed dolls for some contrast. I've teamed up with two incredible seamstresses for two more themed groups that I'm *very* excited about! :D

    My collection has dwindled considerably since the TBP days, but not as much as you might think (or as much as my husband hoped it would!). I still have all of my Tonner Cinderellas (and many other Tonner dolls, too). I also still have my entire Liv collection, including several unopened boxed sets. They are very special to me! I also still have all of the babies and all of the Himstedts...and also all of my Karito Kids! I have my first American Girl, Keira, but none of the others. I have Lorifina, but not Carpatina (I'm a poet!). Wow. Writing this out I realize I have way too many dolls! So many of them are special to me for one reason or another, so it's always hard to let them go.

    My Cave of Wonder is more like a Room of Horror, trying to accommodate all of these dolls! ;) The special ones are on shelves, granted, but I also have bins full of smaller dolls and play dolls. It's not a place I show off to the public, but rather my own personal happy place.

    I still have my Collector's Lane doll Sheri, I think. I like the history behind those dolls. I wish I'd known you were looking for them! You could have had mine (you can still have Sheri if you want!). I should do a virtual garage sale!

    Now I'm curious about your collection! Karito Kids and Collector's Lane are an interesting contrast. What else do you have?

    1. My collection is really not diverse - I have my Felicity American Girl doll that I was given as a child, and a non-brand-name baby doll (with the worst mismatch of vinyl colors I've ever seen - it's hilariously bad) from childhood as well, but because all of my outfits and accessories were for an 18" doll, my collection is pretty much just that size (or similar enough to share clothes!). So I have a Karito Kid, a couple of Maplelea dolls, a couple Our Generations (including the one that I recently ruined......), a ton of Journey Girls (they have such beautiful faces!) and a doll made by the same company as JG, Lotus Onda, from whatever brand Sears/K-mart carry. And then some mini AGs, mini OGs/Lori, and 3 of the 4 Collector's Lane girls (I was never able to obtain the brunette). ...I guess there are also some Madame Alexander international dolls, but I don't count them as part of the collection (even though they're also in my Creepy Doll Room) because they're not really for playing with and most of them are my mother's anyhow. I have been tempted often by things like Liv, but I feel like the play value of a doll is in many ways contingent on how many outfits and accessories you have for it, and I have an excellent (maybe excessive....) collection of clothes for 18" (or 6.5" minis of 18") dolls so I resist branching out. Most of the clothes are Maplelea - they're super well made, and they fit EVERYONE, even the shoes! (Though everything is a little short on KK Pita.) And most of my accessories are discontinued American Girl. They have some nice things now, but their prices have become so steep and the quality has reduced so much that I don't have much newer stuff. (Though I did get Melody's bedroom accessories... I couldn't resist the tiny working radio.) I'm pretty fond of my collection, but I definitely sympathize with not showing it off to general audiences.

      Incidentally, I once visited the home of a moderately famous fantasy writer that lives in my area, and when I mentioned my doll addiction, she took me to a closet in her home stacked floor to ceiling with Monster High dolls, still in their boxes, and announced that she owns EVERY ONE. And, fun fact, you're famous, because she knew about TBP, too. I feel like doll/toy collecting is this secret society and when you happen upon someone else who's part of this underground club, it's this huge bonding point. I figure, if it brings you joy and doesn't take up so much space it's inhibiting your life (or so much money...), it's a fine hobby to have. Plus a doll that's special, especially one that's now impossible to find, is worth keeping around. Sometimes just looking at their smiling faces or sitting there playing mix-and-match fashion designer like a kid again lightens my mood. It's too bad I don't have a Harry Potter Room of Requirement set up where I can spread everything out without taking over whole rooms of my house. XD

      But yeah, you should totally document your collection. Shoot, you could do a whole separate blog fueled entirely by making posts showing off each of your dolls. I know I'd read it! 8D


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