Monday, April 12, 2021

Tiana 1

I have been dreaming about this princess collection for so long, it's hard to believe that I'm finally getting a chance to work on the dolls!  My plan for this group is to make four pairs of princesses (Tiana, Rapunzel, Belle, and Cinderella), and for each pair, one doll will reflect the modern Disney interpretation of the character, and the other doll will be an historical representation of the character.  The historical versions will mostly be themed on the time period of the origin of the fairy tale (or when it become popular), but for Tiana I bent the rules a bit.

My historical version of Tiana will be based on the setting for the Disney movie (1920s New Orleans).  This is because--for diversity's sake--I didn't want the time periods for any two princesses to overlap.  But I'll talk more about that as I introduce each historical princess.

Today I'm going to share not the historical version of Tiana, but the Disney-inspired princess. This girl started out as a Denver Tasha with medium (03?) skin and a time-worn appearance:

2001 My Twinn doll with the Tasha face.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

My Way Mila

I'm not going to do extensive blog posts about the My Way Kids that I work on (it's a My Twinn blog after all) but I think it might be fun to share a little something about each girl's makeover.  So, I'll post blog snippets about these dolls; I'll highlight anything noteworthy about their makeover, and also post the pictures I take for their sales page on Etsy.

You can read all about the My Way Kid brand in my last entry.  These funny little dolls have captured my heart and I am having a really great time working on them!

I give all of the My Way Kids a four-letter name.  This makes the naming process easier, and I also think the pixie-like faces of these dolls fit well with short, simple names.  I named this little one Mila (I pronounce this Mee-lah, but you can pronounce it however you like).  Here's how Mila looked when I got her:

My Way Kid doll with the Cutie face.

Friday, April 2, 2021

My Way Kids by Geppeddo

Ack!  I didn't mean to keep you in suspense for so long!  Sorry about that.  Here I am, finally, ready to share a bit about the new brand of doll that I've been working on: My Way Kids by Geppeddo. 

I was really surprised and delighted to see that one of you--kiwic1chick--guessed it right away!  Wow!!   I didn't think my hints were very good.  Well done.  The Just Pretend guess was good, too.  I don't know much about that brand, either, but have recently been hunting for some Just Pretend clothing to see if it might fit the My Way Kids (I don't know the answer to that question yet).

Anyway, for those of you who, like me, were clueless about these little dolls, I'm going to do a Toy Box Philosopher-type introduction and review of this unusual line!

My Way Kid doll, 2001-2004.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Transplant Madelyn

Thank you for all of the lovely messages in the last post!  It's really nice to be back online.  A lot of things have changed in the past few months, and so it feels good to return to some of my normal routine.  

One thing that's not normal is that my doll studio has been relegated to an unfinished basement.  This is nice because I have a lot of open space all to myself, but it's a drag because I get interrupted by things like a broken furnace and water leaking in from outside!  The furnace is fixed now, and we've installed a sump pump to keep everything dry, so I can focus on things like fine-tuning my lighting set-up...and maybe some day building myself some walls that aren't made out of old moving boxes.

Until I get the lighting situation improved, though, I have to apologize for slightly murky photos.  You'll probably be able to tell which pictures were taken in Maine and which were taken here at the new house.  We can at least start with a clear picture of this bright-eyed Jessica:

1997 My Twinn doll with the Jessica face.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

I'm Still Alive

For anyone who is still tuning in: despite evidence to the contrary, I have not dropped off the face of Earth.  I am here, in New Jersey now (!!), getting my act together.

It took way longer to get the house sorted and the family settled than I thought it would, but I have been back at work in a makeshift doll studio for about a month now, and I have some fun things coming up soon! The princess collection is *almost* ready to premiere, and I also have a few other Twinns to show you.  I've even branched out to work on a completely different brand of doll, and am excited to tell you more about that.

But I'm out of the habit of posting on the blog, so this entry is as much a kick in the butt for me as it is a sign-of-life signal for all of you.  Here's a peek at the doll I was working on in Maine and who I finished here in the Garden State.  She looks completely different now, but I adore her charming (yet very dirty) older self:

1997 My Twinn Jessica doll.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Little Women for Sale!

This will be a very short post since it's Thanksgiving and there's food to cook!  Here's a picture of all four March sisters together:

In back from left: Meg, Beth, Amy
Jo in front.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020


The last of the Little Women dolls is finally complete!  I saved Jo for last because she is the main character in Louisa May Alcott's books, and also because she is the favorite March sister for many readers.  

Having watched several of the Little Women movies recently (along with the PBS miniseries), I feel like Jo is the one who has had the most variety in her portrayal.  Winona Ryder played the character fairly straight in the 1994 movie, Saoirse Ronan amped-up Jo's tomboyish feminism in the 2019 movie, and Maya Hawke gave her--in my opinion--a perfect mix of fire and heart in the miniseries.

Because of the striking differences in those three actresses, though, I didn't come away from the shows with a solid idea of how my Jo doll should look.  I did know that I wanted to start with the spunky Emma face mold, though, and its subtle, lopsided smile:

~1999 My Twinn doll with the Emma face.

Thursday, November 12, 2020


I'm back!  Finally!  In the past month I've bought a house, sold a house, and packed half of the things I own.  Now I get a blissful two or three weeks of normal-ish life before I actually have to uproot and move out of Maine.  I forgot how hard moving was.  However, it makes me appreciate the simple, calm things in life a lot more, so I'm extra-delighted to be here ready to share Beth with you!

As you might remember from my introductory Little Women post, I chose a very pale Caitie doll to play the roll of the beloved but ill-fated Beth character:

1997 My Twinn doll with the Caitie face.

Thursday, October 15, 2020


Well, this girl took a while to show up, didn't she?  Two things are responsible for the delay, the first is just that moving is hard work, and it's taking up more and more of my time.  The second thing is that Amy is one of my troublemakers!  Her makeover was not a smooth ride.  However, Amy March's personality has a bit of sass and troublemaker in it, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.

Amy was one of the two characters in this series who I thought had an obvious My Twinn counterpart (Madison!).  The Madison face is beautiful, like Amy, but Rebecca and I also agree that the face looks a bit haughty.  I don't know if Amy March is haughty, per se, but she's certainly proud and likes luxurious things.

With all of this in mind, I chose a pale-vinyl Madison from 2001 to play the part:

My Twinn doll from 2001 with the Madison face.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020


I'm excited to finally be able to share this collaborative Little Women project!  As I mentioned last time, I leaned heavily on the sewing and research skills of my friend Rebecca from Stitch in Times Designs for this collection, and I've also had a lot of fun sharing ideas with Rebecca along the way.  I'll give you a little peek into her creative process as I present each doll.  

To get started, though, let me tell you what I've been up to for the past few days: I photographed Meg, watched the 1994 version of Little Women while editing the photos, decided I didn't like Meg's hair, re-did the hair three times, photographed her all over again, and then watched the PBS miniseries of Little Women while I edited those photos.  It's a good thing that the hair finally turned out in a way that I could tolerate, because I've cried too many times in the last few days and don't think I could have handled another version of the story!  How many times can a person watch Beth die?

I've composed myself for the time being, though, and am ready to introduce Meg.  Meg started out as an 01 vinyl Catherine from 2001.  The Catherine mold is fairly common and doesn't tend to get a lot of attention, but I've always liked the sweet smile and large eyes on this face:

2001 My Twinn doll with the Catherine face.