I want all of the My Twinn dolls I restore to go to their new homes wearing clothes, but authentic My Twinn outfits are expensive and would raise the final cost of the dolls significantly.

So...the talented Carole Anderson from Doll Clothes by Carole came to my rescue!  For my first ten doll makeovers, Carole made some simple, versatile turtleneck dresses in three different hand-picked stripe-print knits.  These dresses were paired with adorable foam shoes from Simply for Dolls.

This first group of dolls is sold out.

The next group of dolls that I sold were all wearing colorful knit dresses paired with sun hats!

Most of the girls were wearing the same wonderful floral-print hat, but each had a different dress.  For example, Scarlett had an orange dress with her hat:

And Teresa's dress was teal blue:

Two of the dolls in this group were sporting a slight variation on this theme, with a lighter-colored dress and matching white hat--as modeled by Daria:

The finale of this group of dolls was matching sets of 23 and 14-inch dolls sporting coordinating outfits by Carole!

Here are Sadie and Wren in their pink ensembles...

And Millie and Quinn in purple!

If you love the clothes and shoes as much as I do, please visit Carole's online shop here and Simply for Dolls' eBay shop here!

My series of seasonal fairy dolls was outfitted by Julie of Fairy Tale Blessings.  I was so fortunate to be able to draw on Julie's creativity and talent for this special group!

Julie also came to my rescue for the gold and silver fairies, Aurelia and Sterling:

I've also completed a series of four Harry Potter-themed dolls.  For this collection, I relied once again on the skill of Carole (from Doll Clothes by Carole) who made the amazing Hogwarts uniforms!

Most recently I've completed a large group of fun-loving unicorn girls!  All of these dolls were outfitted by Julie of Fairy Tale Blessings: