Thursday, June 18, 2020

Olivia from Overseas

Way back in July of 2019 (almost a year ago--ack! Where does the time go?) I got an Etsy message from Purple_Monkfish suggesting that I take a look at a My Twinn auction in the United Kingdom.  The doll was in terrible shape, but the auction price was only a few pounds and the poor doll had been re-listed twice.

I can never seem to pass up an inexpensive My Twinn in desperate need of a makeover, so I jumped at the chance at got myself a cheap and challenging new project!

This girl is a bit different from the other dolls I've offered for sale.  She is among the very first dolls that the My Twinn company ever made, and so she does not have an articulated body.  These early dolls are not as valuable on the collectors market as the poseable My Twinn dolls, but their quality is very high. To sweeten the deal, this particular girl has a slightly rare face mold (Jessica) that I'd never seen in person before:

1996 My Twinn doll with the Jessica face mold.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Angry Arya

Ok, so I know I said that I was never going to buy a 2003 My Twinn doll ever again.  I may have even said it more than once.  However, when I saw this pale, squish-faced, angry-looking Danielle on eBay for a very good price,  I knew I had to break my own rule:

2003 My Twinn doll with the Danielle face.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Re-Do Ramona

I'm doing something a little different with today's makeover.  I mentioned in my last post that Henna was the last Helen-faced doll that I had (in that size), but I actually have one more Helen to share with you!

Some of you have seen this girl before:

18-inch, 2013 My Twinn doll with the Helen face.