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This blog is a resource for the shop, intended to give some background on the dolls that end up for sale on Etsy, and also a preview of dolls that will be for sale soon.

A broken-necked, pink-eyed, thin-wigged Denver Emma in desperate need of repair!
My husband once asked me, "why do you care so much about My Twinn dolls?"

I care because I'm a doll reviewer and, after getting an up-close look at hundreds of dolls, I grew to appreciate play dolls that are made extremely well.  My Twinn dolls are among my favorites of the well-made dolls that I encountered as a reviewer.  Dolls from the Denver era of manufacturing are of very high quality.  They were also really popular during their time, so pre-owned My Twinn dolls from Denver are easy to find.  I also like My Twinn dolls because they're an impressive size, they strike a great balance between realism and dollism (I made up that word), and they have way more articulation than most soft-bodied play dolls.

However, dolls from the late 1990s and early 2000s are seldom in perfect condition.  So, I decided to try my hand at restoring a few of these older treasures.  At this point I've restored over 40 dolls to one degree or another.  Because of the high quality of construction of the My Twinns, and because of the availability of replacement parts, My Twinn restoration is accessible and rewarding.

I can't keep all of the dolls I fix (as much as I'd like to!) so most of them need to find new homes.  However, I want them to travel with a little piece of their history--the part of their story that I got to share.  I also think that new owners should know exactly what's been done to their dolls.

So, whether you're here to shop or here to simply enjoy some doll makeovers, welcome, and thank you for visiting!

One of my favorite dolls: a restored Denver Ariel.