Thursday, April 13, 2023

The Cinderellas

Hi everyone!  Sorry for the massively long delay.  Toy Box Philosopher has been taking literally all of my time these days, but I've recently decided that there should be a better balance in my life!

So, I'm finished with the historical Cinderella at this point, and Disney Cinderella's dress and face are done, so I only need to do her hair and embellish her dress (i.e. add butterflies!).

However, it's hard to keep up with two blogs at the same time, so all of the future My Twinn Project dolls will be posted on TBP with a "My Twinn Project" tag.  And, if the dolls are offered for sale, it will be in the Virtual Garage Sale store.  I've closed the Etsy shop.

Thank you for your patience, and I'll see you soon over on the other blog!  Update: here's the TBP post.

Future Cinderella: a Denver My Twinn Lenora from 2000.

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